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We are a company specialized home services, in cleaning and maintenance services. We are part of a new generation passionate about the comprehensive well-being of people, technology and innovation, being pioneers in the modernization and humanization of the service.

Cleaning Service per day for Homes and Businesses​

Enjoy an impeccable, safe, and guaranteed experience!

Specialized Rug Washing Service

Cleaning and sterilization process with dry steam allows to remove difficult stains and leave surfaces disinfected, without using a large amount of water or chemical products,

Specialized Mattress Washing Service

Cleaning and washing of mattresses at home, using professional machines, certified and with a duly trained expert to offer high quality service.

Cleaning and Washing of Furniture at home Sofas and Armchairs

Cleaning and washing of dining room chairs at home

Infrastructure Technical Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your home functioning efficiently and safely – and helps protect its value. We're happy to offer these service of ongoing and seasonal maintenance steps to help you safeguard your home and family.

Maintenance and Cleaning for Swimming Pools

We offer swimming pool cleaning services, that allow them to be kept in perfect condition and prevent them from being damaged during periods of disuse.